Flat voxel animation tutorial

For how to make an image sequence from a cellular automaton, click here.

Download the blend file for the tutorial :
Download-blendVoxel animation part 1.blend

PS : Oh and don’t forget to bevel your cube with a Bevel Modifier !

If your image is bigger than 250 pixels in width or height, you may notice that the particle grid can’t go higher. In this case, I’d suggest sclicing your image sequence and using multiple planes. Or, you can use a single plane and add edge loops until you have as many vertices as you have pixels and emit particles from vertices but there is some additional setup afterwards and I think the first method is more optimized in terms of memory, not to mention that you can decrease the resolution temporarily to have a decent viewport framerate.

To get an idea of what we’ll do in Part 2 :

music credits :
Guitar Miniature No. 1 in D major, by Steven O’Brien
Dragons Roost Island, by Josh Blume

If you want to leave a comment or poke me for making part 2, post it either on the Soundcloud page or here in a comment below.